Gluten Free Recipes and Tips

“Dear Farmhouse,

Which of your products are gluten free?  Do you have any?  We are hosting a dinner party and one of our guests has a very sensitive case of Celiac Disease and we need to be extremely careful that everything he eats doesn’t contain gluten.  Otherwise he will get very sick.  Please advise. Thanks!Continue reading


How to pick a great recipe

“Dear Farmhouse,

Back in the day, I pulled recipes from cookbooks and eventually found some that I really liked (and still make to this day!). Now, I feel like there is a recipe overload on the internet. Every cooking website out there has recipes and I can’t decide which ones to make. What do you suggest I do?” Continue reading


Recipes for a Spring Potluck

“Dear Farmhouse,

Each year, my neighborhood hosts a spring potluck block party. I haven’t been assigned a specific item to bring, but I want to bring something special and wanted to include a Farmhouse Rice or Pasta. What suggestions do you have?” Continue reading

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How To: Get your children to become chefs for a night

“Dear Farmhouse,


I have a teenage son and a 10 year old daughter. I like to think that they are capable in the kitchen after the number of times we’ve baked and cooked together. I’ve never asked them to cook dinner, but I think they could. We don’t like eating out because it’s unhealthy and expensive. Do you think they can hang in the kitchen if I needed them to?” Continue reading


Money Saving Recipes

“Dear Farmhouse,

Farmhouse Foods has been a staple in our household for many, many years. We used to enjoy your products way back when you were the MJB Rice Company. Now, we are on a really tight budget and wanted to see if you offered coupons online. Please direct me where I can find some, if you have any. Thanks!” Continue reading